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November 24th, 2012

The Job Interview Thank-You Letter: Don’t Drop the Ball!

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The fifty. You start your job search, spending countless hours locating and researching relevant positions. The forty. You discover a great job with a highly reputable organization. The thirty. You submit your resume and wait patiently for several days. The twenty. You are invited to come in for an interview. The ten yard line! You have an incredible interview and can really see yourself working for this organization. You decide that it is time for a touchdown dance and spike the ball with excitement. You are promptly tackled at the goal line. You did not get the job.

Just as a football player should not stop running with the ball until he scores a touchdown, you should not stop doing whatever it takes to get hired until you are actually hired. No early celebrations.

So what will take you from the ten-yard line into the end zone? The answer is simple: a well written, persuasive thank-you letter.

Why Is a Thank-You Letter Important?

A thank-you letter is highly important for the following reasons:

  1. If well-written and sincere, it will show that you are extremely serious about the job.
  2. It gives you one final chance to connect your strengths to the specific requirements of the position.
  3. It makes you stand out from other candidates who have not sent a letter.
  4. For competitive positions with longer decision times and a plethora of applicants, a strategically timed letter can renew the interviewer’s interest in you.

Accordingly, be sure to send a thank-you letter out to every interviewer that you meet with. Don’t throw away all of your hard work because of laziness or cockiness.

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October 30th, 2012

Create a Handwritten Electronic Signature with a Camera Phone

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The Problem: How Do You Sign a Cover Letter that is Being Electronically Submitted?

Many employers now require cover letters and resumes to be submitted electronically. However, this presents an obvious problem: how do you sign your cover letter?

There are a few obvious but unacceptable solutions:

  • Typing your signature with a cursive font like this: John Doe. This looks incredibly tacky and unprofessional.
  • Typing /s/ then your name like this: /s/ John Doe. This is a better solution but tends to suggest that you did not have the time to actually sign the document. It is also not as sincere as an actual signature.
  • Printing out the cover letter, signing it, and then scanning it back in. This wastes a ton of time, especially if you have a large number of applications to send out.

None of these are ideal.

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